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Tuesday December 10, 2019

The mission of BairdPayne Global Pharmaceutical Services, Inc. (BPG) is to offer an array of quality scientific, engineering, and consulting services relating to x-ray protein crystallography and drug discovery. We are particularly suited to providing resources for startup or small biotechnology companies. With express international shipping, BPG is able to accept protein and material samples from around the world.

The use of BPG's services is a cost effective way for any sized company better to utilize human resources: Travel expenses and the productivity expense of having personnel on the road and not in the home laboratory are minimized. Moreover, a startup or small biotechnology company can easily probe an entrance into structural biology without the expense of dedicated staff and equipment. Existing structural biology programs can add additional throughput with little additional overhead. To these ends -

BPG provides:

Please read about BPG and contact us for your crystallographic needs.

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