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BairdPayne Global Pharmaceutical Services, Inc. (BPG) was incorporated in the State of Delaware in 2006 by its founder, Martin McMillan, Ph.D., with the mission to provide an array of quality scientific, engineering, and consulting services relating to x-ray protein crystallography and drug discovery. While targeting startup and small biotechnology companies, BPG provides resources to large, established pharmaceutical companies as well.

Martin McMillan, Ph.D.

Dr. Martin McMillan has had a distinguished career in the applied sciences for over 25 years which laid the groundwork for founding Baird-Payne Global. While Baird-Payne Global supports many fields of the natural sciences, its core business is centered in protein crystallography, molecular modeling, scientific programming and systems administration.

McMillan’s career in the applied sciences has been characterized by creativity, entrepreneurial initiative and growing expertise in areas beyond drug discovery and development.

After beginning his scientific career at Duke University (BSEE with Honors, Magna cum Laude), he developed expertise in the related fields of mathematics, physics, chemistry, and computer science, as well as music performance.

Entering Yale University as a Gulf Oil Fellow (PhD, Chemical Engineering), McMillan collaborated in the laboratory of Professor Gary Haller where his work focused on the physical chemistry of heterogeneous catalysts. In the 5 years at Yale University, the majority of his research was carried out at the Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source (CHESS). He also focused deeply in the x-ray sciences measuring the Extended X-ray Absorption Fine Structure (EXAFS) of metals dispersed on high surface area alumina, silica, and titania oxide supports.

He continued his work on the staff of CHESS and in the Chemistry Department at Cornell University in the laboratory of Professor Hector Abruña. There he developed techniques in dynamical surface x-ray scattering off of electrochemical (i.e. solid-solution) interfaces.

Dr. McMillan accepted a position as a small molecule crystallographer at Eastman Kodak in Rochester, New York where he proposed, conceived and pioneered techniques in x-ray powder diffraction of silver halides and collaborated with researchers at the University of Glasgow and Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in developing protocols for structure solution from x-ray powder diffraction data.

In 1988, Dr. McMillan was invited to join the Stirling Winthrop Pharmaceutical Division of Eastman Kodak as consulting crystallographer on its human rhinovirus (HRV) drug discovery project. That same year, he was recruited as adjunct faculty the Hauptman-Woodward Medical Research Institute in Buffalo, New York where he played several key roles in that institute’s growth and revitalization and served as advisor to Herbert A. Hauptman, Ph.D., 1985 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry.

In 1997, Dr. McMillan joined 3-Dimensional Pharmaceuticals, Inc. as a protein crystallographer. Under his supervision, his team developed a number of drug discovery projects, which included thrombin and urokinase plasminogen activator inhibitors. He also ran the in-house x-ray facility and was the project manager for synchrotron radiation research.

After nearly a decade and a half in industry, in 2004, Dr. McMillan moved to the National Synchrotron Light Source at Brookhaven National Laboratory as the beamline scientist for X-ray Beamline X8C. There, Dr. McMillan oversaw the day-to-day operations of the beamline as well as contributing to the Protein Crystallography Research Resource (PXRR) as a scientific programmer and systems administrator.

In 2006, Dr. McMillan founded Baird Payne Global Pharmaceutical Services, Inc. (BPG). The goal of BPG is to add value to the portfolios of small and startup biotechnology companies engaging in drug discovery and structural biology while keeping costs and overhead at a minimum. His ongoing experience with the clients of Baird Payne Global, enables him to provide strategic advice—with proven results.

Dr. McMillan is fluent in German and has worked on several occasions with Degussa, AG, at its central research facilities near Hanau, Germany. He has performed in concert as both a pianist and cellist. He enjoys sailing and cooking etouffé and baking pies near his home in Bellport, NY.

Dr. McMillan's curriculum vitae is viewable as a pdf file.


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